Weddings and Parties

Seattle Sound Syndicate has years of experience with weddings and parties all over Washington State.
For your wedding or party, we provide music for the ceremony as well as the reception. We work with all brides and grooms to create a grand, storybook, or fantasy entrance or exit at the ceremony using special songs and/or choreography.

On request, and at no extra charge, we can set up microphones around your ceremony so that your guests can hear and share every moment of the ceremony.

Seattle Sound Syndicate will help you create your vision of an ideal reception by letting you choose the music and atmosphere. Our emcee can be as visible as you want and can be virtually invisible.

Lighting systems are included in the price so you don’t have to make a decision based on budget. We can wow you with special effects lighting or keep it smooth with and simple for whatever mood you’re looking for.

Ask for information about officiating weddings or commitment ceremonies.

Corporate Events

Want your event to be the talk of the office for years to come? We can help you make that happen. If you have a vision, we will help you make that more than a reality.

With years of experience from a theatre environment, performing live music, and performing at Seattle hot spots and nightclubs, we have the skills and talent to take any theme or idea and create another world.

Seattle Sound Syndicate has all the tools you will need from, the music to lighting to the emcee.

Making your event memorable is the easy part. Stunning you with your vision made a reality is what we live for.